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ProfitLayer with Timothy Dick - Business building explored layer by layer.

Feb 27, 2019

“You want to make money and build your business. Step back and look at what you have done before that works. That’s what you should do next.” - Nic Peterson (2:02-2:15)

Timothy Dick

Profit Layer




Keep it simple.


Let’s face it. Too many entrepreneurs overcomplicate the marketing process. When it comes to your marketing, keeping it simple may be all you need to sustain growth, acquire more customers, and position your brand as an industry leader.


There’s a simple way to get great results without increasing your marketing costs. It’s basic and straightforward, but even businesses that achieve success through launches, special promotions, and other marketing campaigns continue to overlook it. They end up wasting time, energy, money, and other limited resources only left to wonder why they’re momentum stalls.

“We get bored and we stop doing things long before they stop working.”

- Nic Peterson (1:55-2:00)

Long-term growth and an increasing customer base can be achieved by doing one simple thing:


Repeat what works.


Ask yourself, “Have I ever done something that worked and then never did it again?” Most entrepreneurs realize they’ve made this mistake more than once. But why would they overlook a strategy that seems so simple and obvious?


One reason we overlook the strategies that have been successful is that we get bored with what we’re doing. Consequently, we stop doing something way too soon. This happens often in website, branding, and copy redesigns that are done simply for the sake of change. Entrepreneurs often get lost in building new webinars, lead magnets, and other marketing assets. This can feel new and flashy. However, in the process, they increase their marketing spending while diminishing the returns they see with these and other strategies.


Ask the Right Questions to Repeat Positive Results.

Time, money, and marketing efforts would be better served by observing what has already been done that has been successful and repeating it. Consider where and how you got your previous customers. If they came from social media, keep using that channel to acquire more customers. If you wrote a guest article that drew high-quality traffic to your site, share that article on other platforms or write more guest articles.


This approach gives the power to reverse engineer those “happy accidents” that resulted in more business and revenue. Find out what works, then optimize future marketing messages and campaigns to improve results over time. Rather than switch to a completely different strategy, fine-tune and improve what you know will bring in new customers and help you achieve your business goals.

“Find what works. Repeat it, repeat it, and repeat it. It really can be just that simple.” - Timothy Dick (5:05:5:15)

In order to see what’s working, put a system in place for measuring the results of your marketing efforts. You can reduce any errors you’d otherwise make and determine the costs associated with finding prospects and converting them to into paying customers.


Without measuring marketing campaigns, you’re more likely to increase costs and cut into the bottom line. Setting goals is the first step to determining if what you’re doing is still working.  Rather than blindly marketing products or services, figure out what’s worked in the past and do more of it while optimizing the approach for better results.


Repeating what works is one of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain your growth within your industry. Putting this strategy in place gives you a leading edge over your competitors and will exponentially increase your success and sustainability.

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