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ProfitLayer with Timothy Dick - Business building explored layer by layer.

Mar 13, 2019

“If you can connect with people and put something compelling in front of them that can help them grow their business...then it’s just easier and more lucrative.” - Steven Perchikov (17:30-18:00)

Timothy Dick

Profit Layer


Inbound marketing strategies have become the go-to method for anyone who wants to generate new clients and position themselves as an industry leader. But too many entrepreneurs overlook the outbound marketing methods that produce better results at a fraction of the cost.


Steven Perchikov helps today’s marketing agencies and consultants generate qualified leads using LinkedIn, email, and other outbound marketing channels. His experience working with early-stage startups proved to be one of the toughest and most exciting places to do sales. Over time, Steven has systematized his lead generation efforts into an outbound marketing approach that consistently delivers results for his clients.

Once developed, outbound marketing is a skill that can be used anywhere.” - Timothy Dick (43:48-43:54)

Effective outbound marketing starts with reaching out to your network of friends, family, and the people you’ve worked with. This step alone can land you a handful of clients you might otherwise have overlooked had you gone straight to paid advertising and other inbound approaches. The next step is to begin cold prospecting while simultaneously developing your inbound marketing engine. This includes content, white papers, and resources that educate your target market.

Control Who You Target and What You’re Going to Say

Outbound marketing requires minimal effort to determine what works. You can define your value proposition and target a niche that needs your products or services. Businesses often spend their marketing budgets on ads that fail to deliver on results. By reaching out to your existing contacts first, you get a higher return on your investment when compared to more costly methods. Although paid advertising can work, more efficient outbound methods help you optimize your offer and scale it as you determine what works.


Outbound activities are ideal for anyone looking to test a new offer or a new market. Don’t waste resources building assets like an ebook, blog, or podcast until you’ve refined your offer. Craft a clear message and develop a systematized strategy for connecting with your network. Outbound marketing gives you complete control of who you’ll target and what you’ll say to them. The key is to do your research first so you target the right people.

Just because you’re going to automate some of your marketing...doesn’t mean you should automate all of it at the expense of your reputation, results, and revenue.” - Steven Perchikov (25:30-25:48)


Unlike cold-calling, where marketers struggle to get through gatekeepers, using LinkedIn or email lets you reach individuals directly. If you’re targeting narrow markets, spend more time creating personalized messages that address the unique needs of your audience. Wider markets may not require the same level of personalization.


Outbound marketing fundamentals rarely change. You can continue to apply them despite the ever-changing online marketing landscape. If you target the right audience, you can use outbound marketing activities anywhere. Few people take the time to create a list of the right people to target or crafting just the right message. If you optimize your LinkedIn profile and gear your message to your target audience with a compelling headline and copy, you’ll achieve greater results at a lower cost to your business.

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