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ProfitLayer with Timothy Dick - Business building explored layer by layer.

Feb 16, 2019

“There is no magic bullet to make your business successful. It’s the right combination of layers strategically put together.”


Welcome to ProfitLayer. While internet marketers are blasting their six-figure months, Timothy Dick is having six-figure days. Want to learn the secret to his massive success?


Tim never really wanted a podcast, but he’s realized that the information he has learned in a lifetime of entrepreneurship needs to be out there. The real world information you’ll find in the ProfitLayer podcast will be a bit different than the information you’ve been taught in those marketing e-courses.


Each week, this podcast will be focused on breaking down the layers that comprise successful businesses. Sales, fulfillment, marketing, operations, finances, all of these layers need to operate together, with intentional structure. Tim will share his knowledge, along with experts in the field who offer unique viewpoints, strategies, and techniques to turn your business upside down in the very best way. We aren’t about sexy strategy, but we are all about what will work. Ready to take your business to the next level?

How to get involved
If you would like more information about Timothy Dick, and the success businesses have gained through work with him, please visit his website.

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