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ProfitLayer with Timothy Dick - Business building explored layer by layer.

Jul 24, 2019

Messaging expert Sani Nielsen talks with Tim about the power and importance of messaging.

“All marketing is messaging, but not all messaging is marketing.”

Sani Nielsen (5:32-5:36)

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Jul 10, 2019

“A business needs two types of people to achieve a mass scale without everything going all crazy - the starter and the scaler.”

Timothy Dick (00:55-1:20)

There are two archetypes necessary to scale a business to a high seven or eight figures. While it’s possible to build a business to a certain point with only one...

Jul 9, 2019

“You can't scale your winning ad campaign in a linear straight line. You have to be methodical about it.”

Timothy Dick (9:51-10:00)

Managing your marketing budget is essential to getting the most out of your campaigns and remaining profitable along the way. The algorithms used by Google, Facebook, and other...