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ProfitLayer with Timothy Dick - Business building explored layer by layer.

Mar 6, 2019

“I look at marketing and tactics, but I also figure out what unique combination makes sense for each business.” - Timothy Dick (5:56)

Timothy Dick

Profit Layer


Online marketing is a hamster-wheel of new techniques, engaging content, and tactic testing.


Anyone in the online business world knows how overwhelming it can be to try and stay abreast of the algorithms and strategies associated with marketing to an audience. These tools and tricks have their purpose, of course, but a weapon is only as good as the person who wields it. Your marketing has got to work for you and for your people.


Layers are the key. Your business requires a unique mix of efforts and considerations to run at its best - supply chains, onboarding, finances, and of course, marketing. Figuring out the best combination for your business requires hands-on testing and tinkering.


That said, the success of your tinkering depends on the effort you put into it, and the foundation you’re building your marketing on. No one can market their way out of having a good offer. Once that pillar is built, it’s time to focus on finding out where your people are.

“Spending more money on Facebook is not the only way.”

- Nic Peterson (21:09)

It’s easy to get caught up in the specifics of each online platform. Should you lean on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram? Ultimately, however, each and every platform comes down to the same goal - to get your offer in front of potential clients.


The thing about these online platforms is that they are ever-changing. Algorithms shift and render your best tactics obsolete. It’s tempting to give up and move on to the next network. Tempting, but unproductive. That’s a vicious cycle. Instead, shift with the platform. Tinker and test and try things out until you find something that works. And once you’ve figured out this process, add the layers. Get one optimized, and add another, and keep going. That way, if you lose an account or something falls through, you’ve got more than one leg to stand on.

How are you catching the eyes of your audience? Explore your options when it comes to targeting.

Retargeting is essential to the process. And this is all behind the scenes of your ad networks. What happens when someone comes into your ecosystem?


This is where ad content comes in. Set your ads up to give your audience multiple exposures to your content. Put your ads everywhere and be sure to track the metrics of your audience engagement to help you refine your efforts.


There are some intentional ad targeting methods that have been proven to give great results.



  • Geo-location. Narrowing your audience down to attendees at a relevant event and targeting their phones directly is by far preferable to casting the usual wide Facebook net.
  • Refine your language. Getting in front of your people only does so much good if you don’t speak in ways that engage them, relate to them, and make the content easy to understand.
  • Direct mail. This method falls through the cracks, and its effectiveness is often underestimated. It is inexpensive and super-targeted.
  • Transfer results. Reap the rewards of your tinkering by taking your proven strategies from low-impact networks to the heavier hitters like Facebook and Google. Human behavior stays consistent across the board.
  • Give value. What you show your audience is as important as how you show it to them. Above all, put goodwill and value into your market, and your work will speak for itself. You’ll slowly start to stand out in the minds of your audience as they grow to like you and trust you.


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now.” - Nic Peterson (39:34)  

Understand your networks, their inner workings, and how they can be utilized and optimized for your content and your target audience. Now that these methods and tricks are readily accessible and less expensive, there’s no reason not to stack the marketing deck in your favor. The volume of views or leads is less important than the quality.


As with all aspects of your business, building layers will ensure long term sustainable success. The best time to plant the targeting layer of your business was when the business was born, but the second best time is right now.


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